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Danielle Koenig has been lying to you. They go by Dani. And, yeah, maybe they should change their professional name to Dani Koenig, but there’s something that feels so casual about that. Life is hard. It’s full of so many choices. This one will have to happen later.

Danielle (Dani?) Koenig has a degree in musical theatre performance from UCLA and musical theatre writing from NYU. They do musical theatre performance and musical theatre writing for their job in addition to social media management for a garbage truck company.

Dani (Danielle?) Koenig tends to write comedies with consequence, hahas with heart, laughs with [insert weighty ‘L’ word here]. They tend to perform in gay stuff because of the way they are, but are happy to perform in non-gay stuff too.

Danielle Koenig is a queer, trans, neurodivergent, chronically ill, Jewish, 5’ 4”, shoe size 7.5, Mac user, contact wearer, small handed, puppet loving, son of a bitch. Feel free to reach out for anything - even just a casual hang.

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